Ron Green

Ron Green


Ron Green grew up in a small, economically depressed city just outside of Chicago. He is the product of a single-parent home and the housing projects. His loving mother worked long hours to make ends meet for her six kids. Ron was the middle child and oldest boy. During these times of parental absence, he became very involved in the community but, not in a favorable way. In other words, he began to let the streets raise him.

Examples of his “community involvement” included under-age drinking, drug usage, violence, and gang-affiliation. These choices led to a decline of Ron’s moral fibers. As a result, there were multiple incarcerations, sporadic changes in residency with horrible living conditions, drug addiction, alcoholism, and even homelessness. This occurred over a period of 25 years! In essence, he was 25-years-a slave of these economic woes.

When Ron’s pain became seemingly unbearable, he understood that there had to be a shift in mentality in order to soar from these dismal conditions and make progress towards a better future. He sought the assistance of a well-known rehab facility known as the Extension, for a period of one year. During this time, Ron received that shift in mentality that he so desperately needed. He began to live by a new set of principles, some of which included integrity, faith, perseverance, courage, willingness, and humility.

The most important principle that Ron gained at the Extension was that it is not about him, but, rather how he can help others. Today, Ron uses the pain of his past experiences to impact, inspire, empower, and ultimately restore others who may have fallen into similar pitfalls. He currently mentors teen-age boys at a rehab treatment center and is seeing a shift in mentality in some of the teens. He has spearheaded an initiative called Operation Snatch Back targeting young men who have been snatched from an endless possibility of potential into a world of darkness. His goal, aim, and purpose is to redirect, empower, and restore men to crime-free, productive, and successful citizens!